Cupping is an ancient therapy where cups are suctioned onto your skin for therapeutic benefit.  There are two forms of cupping, dry & wet.  Dry cupping is the method used here, so there will be no incisions or bleeding.


The cups are made of glass and a special tool is used which creates a suction onto your skin.  The cups will either be left on specific points, with the  same principal of acupressure, or they will be glided around the body for a deep tissue massage.

Body Cupping is a very effective treatment for muscular aches and pains, but is also a highly regarded treatment for other issues such as headaches and digestive issues.



Cupping works by drawing up old blood and toxins from your muscles and allowing fresh fluids to return.  It can be more intense than a therapeutic massage.

Cupping can seem scary to the uninitiated but it is a brilliantly beneficial treatment!

Please note that on most people, cupping will leave bruise like mark/or redness to the skin, which can last in the region of 10 days.  Please be mindful of this when timing your treatment, should you have a special occasion etc.

Treatments are tailored to you and there will always be a consultation prior to treatment.



It's best to avoid to avoid a heavy meal for a few hours prior to these treatments (but please do have something to eat), and avoid alcohol completely on the day.

For your treatment you will be asked to remove clothing down to underwear and to lie on the massage table.  You may need to loosen bra and straps but you will never be asked to remove pants.

On the table you will be covered by towels.  Don't worry, you will be kept warm!  You will be left alone to do this and again when it's time to get dressed.  You will never be left exposed.

Body Cupping Therapy - £35 - 40 Minutes