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Have you seen celebrities with cupping marks and wondered what all the fuss was about?

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

How about wanting to give it a try but being unsure and thinking it looks a bit scary?

Well, let’s chat about that!

What is cupping?

Cupping is an ancient therapy used within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It became an official therapeutic practice in hospitals in China by the 1950’s, following research conducted by both Chinese and Former Soviet Union Acupuncturists. This research proved its effectiveness for a wide range of conditions.

In the modern day, cupping has become increasingly recognised for its many therapeutic benefits, mainly stress relief and muscle recovery – as brought to the attention of the public by celebrities and athletes.

Cupping is the method used to create a suction on the skin which draws out congested blood and toxins and floods the area with an infusion of fresh blood, nutrients and oxygen.

The suction is normally obtained by the use of small glass cups, although there are many, varied tools that can be used. It also carries away those toxins and dead cells of which decrease the body’s ability to heal and cause pain.

Cupping therapy is similar to a deep tissue massage, but it is reverse pressure, so you are drawing the skin and superficial muscle layer up, as opposed to applying pressure down.

When your muscles begin to relax and the flow of blood around the area is improved, relief can begin to be felt from stress and anxiety.

Cupping therapy sedates and calms the nervous system, which adds to the increased feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

What does cupping benefit?

Cupping can be used to help treat many ailments and conditions, including:

· Promotes relaxation, decreasing stress and anxiety, reducing blood pressure

· Healing from injuries and Pain

· Colds, coughs, respiratory problems

· Sleeping

· Skin Conditions

· Headaches, including migraine

· Digestive Issues

· Pain Management

· High/Low Blood Pressure

How is cupping performed & what are the side effects?

Glass cups are suctioned onto the skin and either left on acupoints, or oil is applied, and the cups are glided around to create a deep tissue massage.

Cupping can be a very relaxing treatment, but it can also be slightly uncomfortable if you have injuries or tense muscles. This will ease over treatments.

You will also likely be left with bruising which can last in the region of 10 days.

It’s the bruising that can make the cupping look scary – but it is simply the blood and waste products being drawn to the surface and then left to be moved on.

Personally, cupping is one of my favourite therapies. Both to receive and to perform. The results can be amazing and offer short term relief to many troublesome ailments.

Book a cupping therapy appointment with us at KK Health & Wellbeing here in Sunderland and see what all the fuss is about!


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