How should I prepare for my appointment?



Have something to eat before your appointment - Acupuncture can have a powerful effect and it's important that you have some sustenance



For your first appointment - please have a list of all medications that you are currently taking - prescribed or otherwise - and information for any surgeries & past illnesses.  


Please wear baggy, loose clothing.  Trousers that can be rolled past the knee/shorts and a vest/loose top.  You can change into these privately in the clinic if you wish to bring them with you



No alcohol or drugs to be consumed prior to your appointment  - unfortunately any patients that are suspected of not being sober will be turned away - this is not a judgement, it is for your own safety 


Please don't worry about unshaved legs or unpainted toenails - seriously this stuff does not matter!  Just come along to your appointment and relax and enjoy your treatment