'Calm down dearest'

Come along for a 'quick clinic' of 30 minutes of auricular (ear) acupuncture and a head massage.

Auricular acupuncture is a powerful treatment that can help with periods of stress.  Calming both mind and body, it can help to clear your mind and help to process stressful times.  It is also the perfect treatment if you are struggling with sleeping issues and can help you get the perfect 'acupuncture sleep' for a few nights afterwards, which will help with clarity of thought and dealing with stress.

You will also receive a gentle head massage with a special blend of essential oils, this will help to ease any tension in the head and jaw ( lots of us grind our teeth in times of stress), helping with headaches.

The head massage is purely optional and if you'd rather not have oil in your hair (if say you're popping in during your lunch hour) then I can put a few more needles in your scalp for a similar effect.

Ear seeds will also be provided for you to activate points whilst at home, whilst feeling under pressure or panic.  These can be retained for up to a week.                                                 

£25 - 30Mins