Holistic Facial - Neal's Yard Organics

Holistic Facial - Neal's Yard Organic

Holistic Facial Massage uses massage techniques to relax and release the tiny taut muscles of facial expression.  Nerve endings are soothed.  Your complexion will look smoother, brighter & more relaxed. 

The chest, shoulders, neck & face are massaged to stimulate nerve endings and muscles, improve circulation & texture of the skin.

Following the massage there is a superficial & deep facial cleanse, exfoliation and a relaxing face mask. 

The products used are Neal’s Yard organic, natural facial products.

The Holistic Facial is very different to what you would experience in a ‘spa’ facial.  It is rigorous massage with the intent of stimulating the facial muscles and releasing tension of the face.

The benefits of Holistic Facial Massage:

  • Improve the texture of the skin

  • Increase circulation bringing fresh nutrients & oxygen to the skin

  • Boost cellular activity to rejuvenate the skin

  • Relax tense and contracted muscles

  • Increase lymphatic flow to aid the removal of waste products and toxins

  • Stimulate & soothe nerve endings

  • Relax & relieve stress

It is best to avoid alcohol completely on the day of your treatment.

For your treatment you will be asked to remove clothing down to underwear and to lie on the massage table. You may need to loosen bra and straps but you will never be asked to remove pants.

On the table you will be covered by towels and possibly a blanket depending on the treatment.  Don’t worry, you will be kept warm! 

You will be left alone to do this and again when it is time to get dressed.  You will never be left exposed in front of your therapist.

  • Full treatment – 45 Minutes - £35

  • Mini Treatment – 25 Minutes - £25