How many sessions will I need?  



Generally, it takes around 3 - 6 sessions for you to really feel the benefits of your treatment.  You will likely feel a benefit from your first session, but Acupuncture is accumulative, which means that the longer you receive treatment, the better and more effective it works.  It isn't a magic 'instant cure'!

When you come for Acupuncture, a 'Treatment Plan' will be created for you.  Certain points (specifically selected for you) will be used on you at your first session, then as we progress and improve, the plan will change to accommodate this, ensuring that your treatment is relevant each session to get the best possible results.



Generally, when you first begin treatment, I will want to see you fortnightly at least, as this is the most effective method when you begin Acupuncture.  Once we get to a balanced enough level (mostly around treatment 4 - 6, depending on your condition and response), it's then sufficient to leave longer intervals between treatments, generally 4 - 6 weeks, and to just come for 'maintenance treatments' from there on.