What to expect


​​​Your first appointment will consist of a consultation where a full medical history will be taken.  During the consultation we'll in depth about your medical issues so far, treatment you've had, medication & supplements you're currently taking & lifestyle choices,  - where possble I will conduct this via phone/video call prior to your appointment, but if this isn't possible then please allow 1 and a half hours for your first appointment.  

Part of the diagnosis process with Chinese Medicine is a 'Tongue & Pulse' analysis.  You will be asked to show your tongue (or to send a photograph prior to your appointment) and to have your pulse taken for a few minutes.   This is a major part of being able to establish a diagnosis on top of the symptoms you present to allow for an Acupuncture Prescription to be drawn up for you

You will then get onto the treatment bed and positioned for convenience of needle location



It's best to attend your appointment in comfortable, baggy clothes.  Most needles are inserted into the limbs, so trousers that can be rolled up passed the knee and a vest top will normally suffice.  Sometimes needles are placed into the back or abdomen - in these instances you may be asked to removed clothing - but you will always be given privacy and covered properly during the treatment - you will never be exposed

Needles will then be administered according to your prescription - you will be asked about sensations and constantly checked on during the process



Depending on the treatment needed, sometimes I will use Moxa during the session.  Moxa is a herb (Mugwort)  which is used in a similar format to incense when used in a stick form, or sometimes it is used in natural herb form and burned directly on your skin (with a skin barrier used, it is a safe and comforting treatment).  It is used to warm the points or area and to enhance the effect of the needles.

Electro-Acupuncture is sometimes used on patients who have attended for Musculoskeletal issues.  A machine is used where small electrodes are attached to the needles during treatment.  Again, this is used to enhance the effectiveness of the needles, allowing deeper stimulation of the problematic muscular area.

You will then be left to relax and to have a 'Acu Nap' whilst the needles do their job.  You are never left alone, curtains are pulled for your privacy but I will only be a shout away if you need assistance